With my photography, I bring attention to the tumultuous conditions of the natural world by juxtaposing the trauma I’ve experienced as a child and the beauty of nature that cradled me through it. My practice explores the connection between isolation, abandonment, and trauma with healing, regenerative qualities of the natural world. My own trauma from sexual and domestic abuse forced me to seek respite and safety away from other humans, often I found myself in solitude from humans but in the company of Mother Nature. Growing up on a remote, volcanic island in South Korea, it was Mother Nature, as she is both a creator and destroyer, who allowed me to tap into the deep wells of internal empowerment and painful self-reflection.

For my practice, the natural world is my stage. My photographs equate the beauty of nature with the subjects within. The female-identifying bodies I capture with my lens serve as surrogates for a parallel version of my own experiences. My photographs illustrate highly curated and specific concepts, both visually and emotionally; intending to empower the viewer while simultaneously empowering and healing myself through the making process.